About us

About the Brand

Tree Sea Studio is a textile design brand based in The Netherlands.

The natural cotton fabrics of our collection are hand block printed by skilled woodblock printers in Jaipur. Our designs are inspired by nature and Indian Mughal Art. We create and choose designs that combine traditional, elegant and timeless patterns and colors. 

The collection is artistically unique and irregularities are celebrated as perfect imperfections and as expressions of all the artisans involved in the process. 

Our jewelry design celebrate nature's creations. When real high quality gemstones are turned into symbols of nature by experiences gem-carvers. 

About the Makers

Wood Block Printing

In the ancient art of wood block printing -the oldest method of printing- a wood block is transformed into a piece of art. Artisans using tools such as chisels, small hammers, and drills to carve the most intricate designs in the smooth surface of a wood block. It requires artistry, skill and patiences taught over generations. The precision and details a block maker achieves are extraordinary. 

The mixing of the colors is an essential part of the block printing process. A color masters job. It is always exciting to see how the colors appear on the printed cotton.

For the printing, the printers carefully align the wooden printing blocks and stamp the dye dipped blocks onto the fabric. Each color requires a different block and is placed precisely on top of the already printed color and pattern. Years of experience ensure an even printing.


Gemsstone Carving

The ancient technique of gemstone carving is also alive today! Like all rare art forms, gestone carving has a rich history. The Pink City Jaipur is a hub of gemstone carving and home to the finest gemstone carving artists in the world. 

A gem carver requires the skills of an artist and the ability of a sculptor to bring a piece of stone to life. Gem-sculpting requires great skill and techniek. Experienced gemcarvers can add a level of sculptural detail to jewelry which is not possible using the machineries of modern jewelry industry.

As an antithesis to most of the jewelry that is factory made today, handmade jewelry has a soul.

The stone reflects the artisal journey of the designers and the carvers creating a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry. Each of our gemstone pendants narrate the stories and the intuiotions of the people that made it!

Our jewelry collections are made small batches, sometimes with only two unique pendants per collection.