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Silver chains

Silver chains

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On this page you find our silver chains to combine with one of our gemstone pendants. Our collection consists of three styles of 925 sterling silver chains: Gourmet, Snake, and Anchor. 

What length of silver chain should I choose?
We have 925 Sterling silver chains in two different lengths: 40cm (~16 inch) and 45cm (~18 inch). The standard size for a chain is 45 cm for a woman.

In general, a 40cm chain is a good choice for an elegant look, while a 45 cm chain can appear more casual. Though most importantly, you choose the length that you feel most comfortable with. Or simply choose for the colored cotton chords that you can adjust to any length between 30 - 60 cm (~12 - 24 inch)!

If you prefer a silver chain, there are a two of factors that may help you choose:

  • If you are you a bit taller than average and/or if you have a fuller neck, then a 45cm necklace is the right choice.
  • How will you wear the necklace with your clothing? If you want to wear it with a T-shirt or with a shirt with a high-necked neckline, choose a longer chain.  It is best to choose a 40cm chain if you want to wear the chain on your skin.
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